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Understanding Usage, Consumption and Spillage of Water by Flocks

It is important to distinguish between water usage as measured by water meter readings over a specific time and the actual consumption of a flock representing the volume of water actually ingested.  The difference between use and consumption is represented

Why do birds drink?

Simply, birds drink when they are thirsty. The hormonal and neural mechanisms involved in thirst are complicated and involve baroreceptors sensitive to blood pressure and osmo ...

Measure bird performance by feed conversion and weight — not drinker flow rate

Water plays a critical role in bird performance. But, how water is delivered makes the difference between acceptable and exceptional results. For the best bird performance ...

We all need good, clean drinking water. So do birds!

Clean drinking water is important for bird, litter and system performance. We all recognize the importance of clean drinking water for good health. Birds are no different. Bu ...

Proper Drinker Management To Improve Bird Welfare

Considerable time and resources have been invested to develop watering management tools specifically for enclosed watering systems to help farmers produce healthy flocks and ...

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