Now easier to upgrade existing watering systems

An older nipple can be upgraded by using a Ziggity saddle adaptor designed for that brand of watering system.

Are you thinking about upgrading your watering system but are balking at the time and money involved in replacing drinker lines, regulators and other equipment? One option is to just replace your drinkers with more current models, including Ziggity’s advanced technology drinkers.

Ziggity makes it possible to install Ziggity drinkers on most other brands of watering systems by offering a lineup of conversion adapters and high performance drinkers that fit on many of the watering systems used in the poultry industry today. This gives producers an easy and economical way to upgrade their watering operations without replacing the entire system.

A single-lock snap-in configuration allows the Ziggity Aktive drinker to easily replace a different brand nipple.

For example, producers wanting to replace Val or Cumberland nipples can simply upgrade to Ziggity’s Aktive drinkers using the existing saddle. Nipple brands such as Plasson®, Chore-Time® and Lubing can be upgraded as well by adding a special Ziggity saddle adapter along with the Ziggity drinker.

Producers can also improve the watering system performance by upgrading to Ziggity manual or solenoid flush regulators and end assemblies that make it much easier to prevent biofilm build-up in the watering lines. See more about such upgrades at

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