Timeless Watering Principles

For best bird performance, don’t confuse water usage with water consumption. Part 1

Water usage is not the same as water consumption. An appreciation and understanding of this important difference is central to effectively managing nipple-type poultry watering systems. Unfortunately, all too many in the poultry industry, including producers, field technical staff and

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Beak Size always limits water consumption, regardless of environmental conditions. Part 2 of the consumption versus usage principle.

In our previous article on consumption vs. usage, we made clear that the amount of water usage (WU) being recorded reflects two things going on in the bird house: water consumption (WC) and water spillage (WS). We noted this to

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Tests show static flow rate not a helpful management guide for poultry watering systems.

Over the past decade there has been an attempt, encouraged by some in the poultry industry, to come up with easy-to-use universal management standards in an effort to achieve maximum bird performance. Click here for video related to this topic.

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