Save on labor and maximize flushing sanitation through automation.

An enclosed watering system’s ability to provide a constant, efficient supply of sanitary drinking water is most effective when adhering to a regular flushing schedule. We recommend high-pressure flushing more than once per day, perhaps several times a day if the weather is very hot.

Such regular flushing provides a great non-chemical way of breaking up biofilm and dispersing pathogens in the drinker line. It also flushes out the tepid, slow flowing water and replaces it with cooler water that is less hospitable to microorganism growth.

However, flushing more than once a day might give pause to some labor-conscious producers trying to keep costs down. Solution: automated high-pressure flushing technology that makes frequent flushing easy to manage with minimal labor costs. It’s a simple system:

Regulators equipped with solenoid valves allow water to bypass the regulators’ pressure reduction mode and deliver both high pressure and high volume water directly into the water lines. A programmed controller automatically opens the solenoid valves to start and maintain a flush mode for the number of minutes necessary to achieve a thorough line flush. For warm weather conditions, there’s also a controller with a sensor that triggers a flush based on water temperature.

Such a system can really maximize sanitation of the water your birds are receiving, while reducing labor costs. Furthermore, rather than just one more chore to remember, or left undone in the daily rush of other priorities, an automatic flushing system guarantees your system gets flushed every time it’s needed. And we all know — the easier it is to do something, the more likely it will get done!

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